Using Practical Science To Solve The Crimes !
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"We all had a fantastic morning. The children loved experimenting and investigating the different samples." 
Year 3 Teacher

" I liked the bit when the colours changed." 
8 year old 

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Forensic Theatre was started in 2011 in order to provide practical problem solving Science workshops for 
Key Stage 2 students in schools.

Some cases are also suitable for 
KS3 students and certain tasks can also be done with KS1 students.
Current cases include - 
The Stolen Painting
The Poisoned Cake
Murder at the Research Laboratory
The Mystery Powder


Inspector Albert Menottes

He has been investigating a range of crimes with the help of his team of Forensic Scientists.

Unfortunately they have won the Lottery and have all gone on a long holiday. So the Inspector needs your help to solve the crimes and catch the villains!


*** New School Workshop! ***

 The Mystery Powder

Mr Smart has been sent a mystery package.
 The students test a series of white powders,
the results are compared to a classification key
and the guilty suspect is revealed!

(suitable for Year 5 or 6)